DCP | Germany 2016 | 76 min



Disorientation Isn’t a Crime by Marita Neher and Tatjana Turanskyj sees two women, a journalist and an activist, slowly lose the coherence of their world views. After a chance encounter their perspectives on the refugee crisis, on politics, work, and capitalism collide in a road movie. What emerges is a trip through rural Greece, in pursuit of invisible borders and an attitude towards our present times.



:::::::::S C R E E N I N G S  //  F E S T I V A L S:::::::::


22. 11. 2016 @ Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin

11.10. 2016 @ underdox International Filmfestival München

18.02.2016 Premiere @ Berlin Critics Week 2016 





Feature Film directed by Carolina Hellsgård 

Germany 2015 | RED, DCP | 87min.



The former bank robber Wanja is released from a long prison sentence. As her feelings 
of loneliness escalate, Wanja sets out to find work and hereby a new identity. 
Against all odds she lands an internship at a horse race track. In the stable she gets to know 
the troubled teenager Emma, and a strong friendship develops between the two women. When
Emma slips deeper into her own drug abuse, Wanja decides to rescue her.



Anne Ratte-Polle (Wanja) | Nele Trebs (Emma) | Viktor Minich (Rudi) | Marko Dyrlich (Ulf) |

Michael Baderschneider (Otto) | Mehmet Yilmaz (Nicolas) | Jan Bülow (Kevin) | Tim Blochwitz (Robbe) |

Hauke Petersen (Dennis) | Joachim Schönfeld (social worker) | Florian Anderer (social worker, job center) |

Rike Eckermann (social worker, job center) | Cornelius Schwalm (robber) | Laura Kiehne (nurse) 



Writer/Director: Carolina Hellsgård Director of Photography: Kathrin Krottenthaler 1st A.C.: Vlad Margulis Production sound: Robert Fuhrmann Production manager: Andrea Giesel Assistant director: Sandra Gürtler UPM: Cristian Obst, Peggy Rieckmann 1st Director's assistant: Anna Kremser Production assistant: Katja Berls Set photographer: Aline Reinsbach

Gaffer: Sebastian Fuhrmann Lighting technicians: Benedict Aufzug, Leon Kuklinski DIT & 2nd A.C.: Leonhard Kairat, Leonhard Schmidt Editor: Antonella Sarubbi Scenography: Nadine Meister, Lea Walloschke Props: Heather Purcell Costume design: Elena Neuthinger, Lena Nienaber Make-up: Jessica Krause Child supervision: Uta Hörmeyer Animal trainer: Thomas Wamser, Katja Elsässer Costume design assistant / Fundus: Anne Makarov 

Produced by FLICKFILM GbR Producer: Johanna Aust Co-Producer: Kim Neumann / Storytellers GmbH & CO KG

Technical info: RED 4K, 90 minutes Project development supported by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film Production funding from BKM, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film and the nordmedia Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH



FESTIVALS (selection):

65. Berlinale / International Filmfestival Berlin February 2015 / Perspektive Deutsches Kino

* Official Competition Feature Films @ the Valletta Film Festival, MALTA 15-21 June 2015

* Official Competition @ Valencia International Film festival Cinema Jove, SPAIN, 19-26 June 2015



*** 65. Berlinale / International Filmfestival Berlin February 2015 / NOMINATED for "Best First Feature Award" ***


*** BEST FILM @ Biberacher Filmfestival 2015



Deutscher KINOSTART: 9. Juni 2016

Basis-Film Verleih Berlin


Interview with Director Carolina Hellsgård on "krautreporter" by Helene Hegemann

Watch Trailer on vimeo:



Short Film directed by Frieder Schlaich

Germany 2014 | 16mm b&w, DCP | 7min 



© Filmgalerie 451

click here to watch THREE STONES FOR JEAN GENET online !!


In April of 2013, American singer Patti Smith travels to the grave of French writer Jean Genet in Larache, Morocco. She brings him three stones, which she collected for him over 30 years ago.


Director Frieder Schlaich told by Patti Smith Director of Photography Frieder Schlaich

Editor Kathrin Krottenthaler Sound Jochen Jezussek Grading Matthias Behrens Producers Frieder Schlaich, Irene von Alberti, Karim Debbagh Produced by Filmgalerie 451 Special thanks to Alain Lahana



nominated for German Film Critics Award 2014 ! 


- Berlinale / Shorts Competition 2014

FBW-Prädikat „Besonders Wertvoll"

- Filmtage Augsburg 2014

- Neiße Filmfestival 2014

- Festival de Cannes 2014

- Beat Films Festival Moscow 2014

- Cinema City IFF Serbia 2014

- Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

- Curtas Vila do Conde IFF 2014

- Jagran Film Festival India 2014

- „Berlinale Shorts Go Abroad“ Goethe-Institut Hanoi 2014

- Guanajuato International Film Festival Mexico 2014

- Melbourne IFF 2014

- Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival 2014

- der NEUE HEIMAT film, Burg Klempenow 2014

- Kerry Film Festival Ireland 2014

- TIFF Toronto International Film Festival 2014

- Stockholm International Film iFestival 2014

- Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival 2014

- Sleepwalkers Short Film Festival in Tallinn, Estonia 2014

- Kurzfilmfestival Köln UNLIMITED 2014

- Festival on Wheels Turkey 2014




a short film by Carolina Hellsgård

Germany 2013 | RED, DCP | 14 min



click to watch LÄUFER/RUNNER on vimeo!


Amal, a 13-year-old refugee from Lebanon, deals drugs in the
Hannover subway system. He lives an isolated life in an asylum home
outside the city. One day he meets a young German girl called Clara,
who might be his savior. 


Cast: Artem Klevansky (Lead) | Rebecca Stein (Lead) | Dennis Garcia | Ralph Beilstein | Frank Gehrke 

Writer/Director/Editor: Carolina Hellsgård | Director of Photography: Kathrin Krottenthaler | Production sound: Robert Fuhrmann | Production manager: Andrea Giesel | Assistant director: Christian Kelm | Lighting: Carsten Brand, Florian Hoff | 1st A.C.: Simon Hamann | DIT: Andreas Melcher | Scenography: Nadin Meister | Costume design: Nadin Meister, Elena Neuthinger | Make-up: Henrike Huppertsberg | Music: Steffen Scholz | Sound designer: Christian Obermaier | Colour Grading: Robin Schmude, Chroma TV, Hamburg | Producer: Johanna Aust | Co-producer: Florian Gerstenberg / filmgestalten

Produced by FLICKFILM GbR | Funded by the Cast&Cut Short Film Grant Hannover & nordmedia Fonds

With generous support by CHROMA TV, FILMBLICK Hannover & teaming + timing

Equipment sponsoring: Braunschweig University of Art

Funded by nordmedia Fonds and the cast&cut Short Film Grant
FFA, German Federal Film Board

 © Flickfilm GbR 2013.



- nominated for the German Film Critics Award 2013

- 1st Prize at Mostra de Cinema de frontera, Spain

- best short film "Youth Days" @ the exground filmfest, Wiesbaden

- nominated for BEST SWEDISH SHORt Startsladden International Film Festival Göteborg 2014


FESTIVALS (selection):

- Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival @"Soirée Allemande • Coup de cœur - Le court métrage allemand"

- achtung berlin - new berlin film award, - April 17th – 24th, 2013 / Official Competition

- Filmfestival de Cannes, Short Film Corner, Court Métrage, Cannes May 2013

- Berliner Kurzfilmrolle, Open Air Kino Friedrichshain Juni 2013

- Inventa un Film, Italy, August 2013

- Festival Silhoutte, Paris, France, September 2013

- Göteborg International Filmfestival 2014, Sweden / Best Short Film / Competition

- Vera Filmfestival Åland, Finland, 12 – 16th of March, 2014

- 15. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival, Germany, 26 – 31st of March, 2014
- 18th Berlin & Beyond Film Festival in San Francisco, USA,"Sensational Seven" January 15th 2014

- Filmfest Osnabrück "Nord Shorts - Awardwinning Short Films", October 2014

- Cairo Video Festival, Egypt November 2014

- Young Nordics at Nordisk Panorama, Malmö, Sweden September 2014



- European Film Market / Berlinale 2013




a short film directed by Carolina Hellsgård

Sweden 2012 | HD-CAM, DCP | 14:30min




Caught between freeways and powerlines, the story of "Hjältar" takes
place in one of Stockholm's suburban stables. The two young protagonists,
Linnea and Jenny, try to come to terms with the new demands of teenage life.
Their friendship becomes plagued with rivalry and competition as they
leave the stable world behind. A film about horses, female friendships
and power struggles.


Cast: Ida Åslund | Michaela Arvidsson | Ridah Abbas


Writer/Director/Editor: Carolina Hellsgård | Co-director: Nicklas Wedin | Cinematographer: Kathrin Krottenthaler | 1st A.C.: Anja Theurich | Lighting: Jacob Hauptmann | Production Sound: Dominique Greffard | Assistant Director: Viktor Olson | Sound designer: Jochen Jezussek & Christian Obermaier | Sound mix: Detleff Schitto / Studio 1141 | Music: Steffen Scholz | A production by Hellsgård Filmproduktion | Producers: Carolina Hellsgård & Nicklas Wedin.

© Hellsgård Filmproduktion 2012.

Funded by Konstnärsnämnden and the Swedish Film Institute,
filmcommisioner Andra Lasmanis 


FESTIVALS (selection):

- 62nd International Filmfestival Berlin 2012 / Generation short film / competition

- Göteborg International Filmfestival Sweden 2012 / svenska bilder

- The 29th BUFF FILMFESTIVAL, Malmö, Sweden / March 13-17, 2012 

- Seen & Heard Film Festival, Sydney, Australia: "Celebrating Women in Film" / March 2013 

- Filmes de Femmes, Paris, France / March 30 - April 8th, 2012

- International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala / India 2012

- Swedish Shorts @ Cool connections / Strelka Institute, Russia / August 2012

- Zubroffka, International Short Film Festival, Poland 2012

- Olympia, International Film Festival for Children & Young People, Greece 2012

- EU Shorts, Budapest, Hungary 2012



- nominated for the Crystal Bear @ the Berlinale 2012 / Generation 

- nominated for Women's Director of Photography Award at IFFF Dortmund/Cologne, Germany April 2012

Swedish Shortfilm c/o Folkets Bio, Premiere March 30, 2012



--> in "Svensk Kortfilm" (in swedisch)

--> in "Swedish Films" (in english)

Photo © MK Larsson




3 short film commercials based on and for a novel by Helene Hegemann

Germany 2009 | DVCPro HD | ca. 9min



Cast: Flora von Mikulicz | Franz Wuttke-Broich | Alektra Bumbul | Katinka Landgraf | Alma Günter | Alex Tikhomirov | Anni Tikhomirov | Sandra Hüller | Wieland Schönfelder | Sultan


Screenplay by Helene Hegemann | Director: Helene Hegemann in cooperation with Annika Pinske |

DoP: Kathrin Krottenthaler | 1st Assistant Camera: Anja Theurich | Editor: Constantin Hartenstein | Costume Design: Nina Kroschinske | Production Sound: Konstantin Hapke | Gaffer: Sebastian Fuhrmann | Lighting Technicians: Nikolai Stiefvater, David Heaven | Animal Trainer: Sophie Nikolitsch | Executive Producers: Tina Pfurr, Julian Pörksen | Producer: Ullstein Verlag © 2010.


watch on youtube:







DV | Mini35 | Germany 2008 | 45 min

Deutscher Kinostart:




Filmgalerie 451

movie poster by Anna Hellsgård


Mia is fifteen and definitely more traumatized than necessarly needed. After her mother's death she moves in with her aunt Cleo what throws her right in the middle of Berlins left progressive art scene. Mia has given up hope to grow up in somewhat normal family relations - and from now on she tries to establish herself in the adult world, a world more bizarre than any youth might have imagined.


Cast: Alice Dwyer | Jule Böwe | Caroline Peters | Agon Ramadani | Der lustige Clown | Carl Hegemann | Lars Eidinger | Mira Partecke | Matthias Matschke | Sebastian Baumgarten | Katharina Saalfrank a. o.


Writer & Director: Helene Hegemann | 1st A.D: Mirko Borscht | DoP: Kathrin Krottenthaler | 1st A.C.: Anja Theurich | Editors: Daniela Boch & Angelika von Chamier | Production Sound: Henrik Cordes | Gaffer: Roman Tashakkori | Production Design: Vanessa Eder, Eva-Maria Henschkowski, Anja Kreher & Lolita Hindenberg | Costume Design: Elke von Sivers | Make-Up: Stefanie Kinzel | Executive Producer: Fabian Pöhlmann | Producer: Susann Schimk & Jörg Trentmann

© 2008 credofilm in Co-production with Joroni Film, supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes) and DEFA Stiftung. 

FESTIVALS (selection):

- Internationale Hofer Filmtage, Germany 2008

- 14 films around the World Berlin, Germany 2008

- Max Ophüls Festival, Saarbrücken, Germany 2009

- Festival des Deutschen Films Ludwigshafen, Germany 2009

- International Filmfestival Milano, Italy 2009

- International Short Film Festival, Brest, France 2009



- Max Ophüls Prize 2009 Saarbrücken, Germany 

- nominated for Women's Director of Photography Award at IFFF Dortmund/Cologne, Germany April 2009

- International short Film Festival Brest, France 2009, special mention of the Jury "Pour son dynamisme électrisant et dont le réalisme n'est jamais sordide mais toujours originale et plain de fantaisies"


- 3Sat



Torpedo DVD





a project by Christoph Schlingensief


Germany, Namibia 2005-2009 | HDV, Digi-Beta | 74 min



Lost in Namibia - a documentary about Christoph Schlingensief's last, unfinished film - commented by himself.

10 years after his last film, Christoph Schlingenisef wants to give it one more shot: the location for "The African Twin Towers" is Lüderitz, Namibia, the German South-West African colony.

The script is about Richard Wagner, about 9/11, about Hagen von Tronje, about Hereros alive and dead, about ghosts of the past and the present.
It is abandoned at day 2.

What follows are 25 days showing Christoph Schlingensief at his artistic and image-generating best, gushing with ideas and concepts, attempting to find the right form of filmic expression after a decade in theatre, performance arts and visual arts.

This film documents the full shooting period and is interspersed with actual footage of the never completed film, many of it shot by Christoph Schlingensief himself. Christoph Schlingensief's voice over, recorded in Berlin 3 years later when he was already diagnosed with cancer, tries to assimilate what really happened on those eventful 27 days that ultimately redefined his artistic vision.


Cast: Irm Hermann | Klaus Beyer | Patti Smith | Stefan Kolosko | Robert Stadlober | Katharina Schlothauer | Karin Witt | Björn Thors | Norbert Losch | Dirk Rohde | Christiane Tsoureas | Mohammed Ben-Wazir | Christin Appollus | Christoph Schlingensief |  and the Theatre Group of Lüderitz


Director: Christoph Schlingensief | Cinematographer: Meika Dresenkamp, Kathrin Krottenthaler, Christoph Schlingensief, Patrick Waldmann | Editor: Kathrin Krottenthaler | Costume Design and Still Photography: Aino Laberenz | Production Sound: Jerôme Burkhardt | Sound Designer: Jochen Jezussek | Music: Hanno Leichtmann | Animatograph: Tobias Buser & Udo Havekost | 1st A.D.: Sophia Simitzis | Set Decorator: Tobias Buser & Anne Grumbrecht | Construction Manager, Area7: Collin Elastus | Unit Production Management: Werner Rawe | Lighting: Johannes Gaseb | Additional editing: Sabine Steyer, Angela Christlieb | Production Manager (Namibia): Karim Debbagh | Production Manager (Germany): Christoph Amshoff | Script Doctor: Jörg van der Horst | Producer: Frieder Schlaich | produced by: Filmgalerie 451 in Koproduktion mit dem ZDFtheaterkanal, in Zusammenarbeit mit der Volksbühne am Rosa- Luxemburg-Platz, Burgtheater Wien, Hauser & Wirth Zürich, Kunststiftung TBA 21, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, mit Unterstützung der Filmstiftung NRW, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg und Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg.

© Filmgalerie 451.



- Berlinale, Germany 2008 / Special Contribution

- Steirischer Herbst 2009, Graz, Austria


EXHIBITIONS (selection):

- Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, 18 Monitors Installation 2007

- Migros Museum, Zürich, Switzerland, "Querverstümmelung", mixed Media Installation 2007

- Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Germany "Stairlift to Heaven", mixed Media Installation 2008

- Gallery "On Stellar Rays", mixed Media Installation, New York, USA 2012

- Museum of Modern Art, MoMA PS1 New York, 18 Monitors InstallationUSA 2014.



- Volksbühne Berlin / Prater, Germany Mai 2009

- "Christoph Schlingensief - Alle Filme" Retrospektive Berlin, Kino Babylon, Germany 2010

- "Fear at the Core of Things" Theatre t' Hoogt Utrecht, Netherlands January 2012

- TATE MODERN, Christoph Schlingensief Retrospektive, London, UK Mai 2012



filmgalerie451 online


- 3sat

- ZDF 

Photo: © Aino Laberenz
Photo: © Patti Smith
© Photo: Aino Laberenz





hamlet_X "Twins"

directed by Herbert Fritsch

short film DV | 7 min | Germany 2003

volksbühne films | 3sat | ZDF theaterkanal

with Anna Thalbach & Laura Schuhrk

Kamera: Detlef Schneider

Musik: Felix Kubin



DVD ::::: Filmgalerie 451:::::


watch hamlet_X films::